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News pictures Lastoi de Formin covered in snow – Author: Mario Vidor

Tourist helicopter traffic restrictions and lichens as biomonitors of pollution

Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco


The Scientific Committee of Fondazione Dolomiti Unesco has met with the representatives of Mountain Wilderness to discuss heliskiing and tourist helicopter traffic on the Unesco Dolomites, and they all agree that helicopter traffic over the Dolomites must be restricted, with the due exceptions.

Heliskiing and tourist helicopter traffic cause noise pollution, which is a nuisance for tourists and a threat to the welfare of wildlife.
Another measure discussed during the meeting was the introduction of a traffic ban on mountains and passes. Before taking a decision however, there will be a survey to determine the levels of pollutants at a distance of 100 meters and 1000 meters from the roadside. The survey will be conducted using lichens as biomonitors of road traffic pollution.

The survey will start as soon as the snow starts to melt and will continue through the whole summer. In July and August there might already be the first traffic bans on the Unesco Dolomites.

&The ban on new ski lifts is confirmed.