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News pictures The chairmanship of Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO goes to Bolzano

The chairmanship of Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO goes to Bolzano

Belluno hands over the chairmanship to Bolzano


From June 1, 2013 and for the next three years the chairmanship of Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO will go to South Tyrol. In the meanwhile the province of Bolzano, represented by the councilor for environment Elmar Pichler Rolle, revealed the main points of the program to be performed in the next months..

First of all, the new website of Fondazione Dolomiti UNESCO, designed to appeal young users and to introduce them to the facts and figures of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site, will be put online.
Then there will be a simplification in the organization of the foundation in order to allow the regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia to better support from a financial and administrative point of view the provinces of Belluno, Udine and Pordenone, that aren’t as privileged as the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano.

There will also be a chief executive officer, selected through a public competition in April.

The formal handover of the chairmanship will take place on June 8, from 11 am, at the Tre Cime Visitor Center in the Grand Hotel of Dobbiaco.