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News pictures Torre Venezia, the Civetta Group – Author: Mario Vidor

Unesco Dolomites signposts displayed by summer in Belluno

Province of Belluno


Summer 2014 will see the Unesco Dolomites signposts placed in the province of Belluno, after approval from Venice. 15 signposts (with the possible addition of 2 others) will be positioned around the territory of the province of Belluno.

One year ago the province of Belluno decided to use the regional funds to promote the Unesco Dolomites and, together with the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, size and layout of the signposts were decided: 180x270 cm, picture and name of the site, institutional logo, and the line “Dolomites Unesco World Heritage”…everything was ready, but on August 2013 the region put the project on hold.

Now everything is ready and the 15 signposts will be placed in areas of major tourist activity: the Mis lake, outside the town of Belluno, the Val d’Oten valley, the Duran Pass, Upper Comelico, the Tre Croci Pass, the Falzarego Pass, the Val di Gares valley, Forcella Staulanza, the Valles Pass, Miralago, Piani di Pezzè, and the Misurina lake.